Cashmere + Red Wine

Last weekend while quietly lying on the sofa with a nice glass of red wine, I inadvertently poured a rather decent dropful onto my silk cashmere top, rather than into my mouth where it was intended. 

Well, after the initial shock, and then the "#$%&" words that followed, it was the usual mad dash to the kitchen sink, followed by a blank thought of "what exactly should I do?"  with all my Cashmere knowledge, research, trials and tested methods, on that particular night, neither Baking Soda, hot water, or dish washing detergent worked their magic.

The following morning, the not so pleasant blue tone was still present on my top - and of course - right in the middle on the neckline - no, I don't do discreet down the back near the hem mistakes when I am pouring the red wine!

Further research was needed...and upon came white wine vinegar, and pouring a rather generous measure over the stain - low and behold in front of my eyes it disappeared! Needless to say, white wine vinegar is going to be a must in my cupboards from now on.

Which got me to thinking, we all read about stain removal, I have read university studies, zillions of websites and blog thoughts on what is best, but in reality when we are at home, or at a friends house and such an event occurs - what will really work?  

So ladies and gents - here is the task for the next couple of months...I have arranged to get several silk and cashmere swatch panels knitted (in white) all for testing purposes.

So from you, I would love to receive your feedback...

1. Most frustrating stain/ingredient you have encountered on your delicates.

2. Tips and advice, what you have tried and tested yourselves, what you have heard may work through the grapevine.

Email me, add comments to this blog post, drop a line on facebook.  And for a selection of troublesome ingredients, I will create the stain, then do all the various treatments recommended, documenting the outcome to share with you.

My top three are red wine, dark chocolate and olive oil. What are yours?!

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helen roos
helen roos

September 15, 2016

your top three are high up on my list too, Olivia, but also a tomato sauce, as in bolognese; a curry type sauce with turmeric in.
thanks!great idea.

olivia graham
olivia graham

May 19, 2016

For those that have emailed me directly – thank you!
List to date is :
1.Pasta Sauce
3.Olive Oil
We are still awaiting the silk cashmere panels to arrive before we begin testing, so please feel free to leave a comment of what we can stain/ingredient we can test for, and if you know any stain removal solutions as well, please let us know!

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