24 hours in the life of a Cashmere Queen!



It has been awhile, and apologies for the silence, we are currently working on re-vamping the website. While it is not yet online, watch this space because all going well it soon will be, minus the spelling mistakes I hope...

Listening to feedback received, we thought it time to make some long awaiting updates and add a couple of amendments to help those overseas shopping online, ie have a fit chart.  

And would you believe the fit chart ended being a saga in itself, the more we researched, the more it was noted that websites simply do not agree for example is an Australia 12 also UK 12 or (as on some sites) a  UK 10?  (I worked on the basis that I fit a Marks & Spencers Size 12, a Massimo Dutti Size 12, and here in Australia a Cue Size 12.   So size 12 all round it is!

So with the help of various customers who confided their sizes, and tried on garments, we have created our chart based on the shapes and sizes of those around us, here's hoping it works for you to!

And for a fun snap - 24 hours in the life of a Cashmere Queen!

Yesterday was spent running around in our summer boatneck, dashing to the airport and playing tour guide for friends fresh off the plane from Shanghai. This morning found me warmly wrapped up in our new winter v neck sweater sample with our grasshopper singlet underneath - yes the singlets have finally arrived! (more on that later...)



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