Our Garment Fit...

Each season I am asked by customers, "what size am I?"  and while most know and are aware of the difference in sizing between brands, often even within a brand people make differing sizing choices!

In Zara, I am now a size L, in many other brands I am a size 12, although to date, I notice I even have a few size "8" items in my wardrobe - and yes they actually do fit!

So today I compiled a list of our winter 2015 garments, and described for each their fit, in my eyes that is...for example, our v neck sweater, is what we call a "relaxed fit" not tight and clinging to the body, but not so oversized to be the huge oversized "boyfriend" sweater look.  

And now the fun begins!  To date, we have had customers buying a size larger to get that "boyfriend sweater" look and on the reverse, customers buying a size smaller to get a more fitted garment to fit under their suit /motorbike jacket

So please, accept my fit guidelines as mere suggestions, and I trust your individual judgement to decide the best fit for you!


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