Merino Wool Blanket Shades for 2015

Cleo has had enough, no more she says! We need to decide the colours for this year's Merino wool blankets outselves...
Roney has kindly knitted me swatches of various colour combinations, my favorites I have included in this photoalbum (below).  However to have your say, and help choose this season's blanket shades, either visit us at the market to view the knitted panels, or feel free to leave a comment on Facebook or our blog. After shopping for cashmere products you might need to know how to wash or care of cashmere. You can also visit the website to know the tips on cashmere care!
       Tuscan Stone                         Tempest Skies                         Spock Blues
        Sandy Beaches                      RRustic Charms                     Papaya Gravel
Bourbon Greys

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