Mudgee Field Day

Friday and Saturday saw us at Mudgee, as part of their Field Day Event.  Four hours of driving through stunning countryside, snacking along the way (Thank you Denham for the delicious Muffins!).

We set up shop, and explored what Mudgee had to offer - which was a lot.  If you are ever down that way, pop into the "Brewery" for live music and and a pretty good pizza, or if cocktails and tapas are more your thing, then Sajos (also known as Lesters) whip up a mean pina colada (yes, I know, but we just a craving for this old classic!).


 On the actual day, Col Boyd took these photos of the Fashion Show, which he kindly shared, Mudgee was a fun weekend away, even if we did have to do the odd hour or ten of work!


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