How to pack for Travel

The Art of Travelling Well!

Thinking about packing for my trip to Shanghai & Morocco, and knowing that I always pack too many shoes and too few important things like travel adapters, made me ask Noemi what her thoughts were re what one should pack, and here are her tips, enjoy!


Packing 101 and how to travel with your cashmere

A well-organized suitcase is your best friend on your travels, and it sets the tone for your holiday mood.

The problem of packing for a vacation, or a business trip, is the thought of having to focus and narrow down my choices to the infinitesimal size of my suitcase.

Most often, I delay packing up to the last moment. The result is natural: I never have what I need. Instead, I carry around huge amounts of things that I don’t use or even unpack because they are simply unnecessary.

So, here are a few guidelines for when you travel. Some tips, ready to inspire you on your next journey!

Rule 1: Plan ahead

Better safe than sorry. Perhaps I’m overreacting, but a well thought out plan will help you separate the necessary things from the unnecessary ones.

  • Check the weather. Find out what the weather will be like in your chosen destination. Do not rely on the fact that is Shanghai, it rains everywhere.
  • Buy quality luggage. No matter how you travel, your luggage will be crushed, cramped and overturned. Therefore, choose a resistant trolley or suitcase to such torture. Don’t forget to add a label with your name and address. Luggage can be lost not only by the airline, but also by you.

Rule 2: Packing techniques

It’s time to start packing. It’s better to do this 24 hours before leaving. You don’t have to put your things in the suitcase, just organize them into categories.

Personally, I am a fan of rolling my cashmere pieces! Actually, all my clothes, because rolling keeps wrinkles away!  First, lay your cashmere piece down and fold the sleeves inwards, if they are long, cross them. Next, fold the garment in half vertically, keeping the sleeves inside. Starting at the bottom, roll it up to the neck. Not too loose, not too tight! And you’re done!

What to pack?

  • Think about the activities you’ll do: walks, beach, dinners, and parties. Organize your clothes on activities.
  • Choose clothes in neutral shades, easy to match and versatile: a pair of jeans, a cashmere cardigan, two dresses – one for day, one for night, a skirt, comfy cotton pants, T-shirts or cashmere singlets for each day of your stay, and of course a bathing suit. You never know...!

  1. Stella McCartney - Distressed Boyfriend Jeans 2. Sacai Sacai - Printed Skirt 3. Olivia Graham Cashmere - The Singlet 4. Olivia Graham Cashmere - Pointelle Long Cashmere Cardigan 5. Golden Goose - Mesh Sneakers 6. Givenchy - Watch 7. Jennifer Fisher - Ribbon Ring 8. Maison Margiela - Faux Pearl Necklace
  • Use accessories to add color to your outfits, they occupy less space, and you can pack as many as you want. I always pack a couple of cashmere wraps, a heavier weight one for the plane, and a lighter weight silk cashmere wrap for throwing over my shoulders when going out in the evening.
  • Shoes…I’m a shoe girl, so I always pack three pairs: flat sandals for long walks and shopping sprees, high heel sandals for evenings and parties, and sneakers for hiking or rainy weather.

  1. Madewell - Mini Dress 2. Jimmy Choo - Suede Platform Sandals 3. Chloé - Bucket Bag 4. Olivia Graham Cashmere - Long Cashmere Cardigan 5. Olivia Graham Cashmere - Textured Cashmere Wrap 6. Isabel Marant - Set of Two Cuffs

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