Trends and Rules: the Cardigan - Must Have Piece of Every Season

Trends and Rules: the Cardigan, the Must Have Piece of Every Season
The cardigan is a timeless piece of clothing due to its versatility. In every season, the cardigan is a key piece in the wardrobe of every woman because it's suitable for any weather. So, a cardigan over a strappy dress can protect you from a cooler wind, but will also offer an acceptable thermal comfort if the sun decides to increase its intensity.
There are numerous cardigan designs, and the colors are infinite. Largely we can say that anything works! So, here are the basic trends that are fashionable this year and some tips on how to wear them in feminine and original outfits!
Flower Prints and Pastel Cardigans
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Pay attention that the cardigan's shade is found in the floral print. If not, you can choose a cardigan in pastel shades. Don't worry it won't spoil the charm of the dress and it won't dominate the outfit, and the feminine aspect will be left untouched.
Neutral Outfits and Intensely Colored Cardigans
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Whether you wear a black dress, gray office attire or white clothing if you want to make it chic add a splash of color with a vividly colored cardigan. Choose coral, sage or alice.
Neutral Cardigans Go with Everything
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Even if it seems trivial, a neutral cardigan is a must-have in the wardrobe. An onyx cardigan is your savior when you are in trouble. The best way to give it a touch of color is to use a brooch, be it floral or metallic, on a cheerful or casual dress.

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