Arnie Goes Christmas Shopping!

You probably remember the holiday comedy in which Arnold Schwarzenegger was desperately trying, on Christmas Eve, to seize the toy of his child’s dreams, but also of all the other children in town! Although the movie snatched a few laughs, I don’t think anyone wants to be in that position this Holiday.

Newspapers and headlines are already advertising the Christmas Gift Rush, and if you are like me, you are still deciding which will be the most inspired / ideal gift for each of your loved ones.

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We all want to choose the right gift, the one that will give much joy and delight. We we want to look great on that special day, and ideally we also want it to be a perfect time for all, full of warmth and love!

So, I made a list of the most inspired gifts and surprise, surprise, I concluded that a cashmere wrap shouldn’t be missing from it!


  • Because it’s a delightful surprise,
  • Because it makes us feel beautiful, and I know you know what I mean!  I have seen enough of you at the markets, stroking our wraps, and with little sighs of delight as you wrap yourself in a cloud of softness!
  • Because one size fits all of us!  
  • Because it will fit into our handbag easily, and wraps are suitable for all occasions for dinner and a movie to an outdoor wedding and/or evening event.
  • Because…let’s get serious women deserve some cashmere on Christmas!

And if you wish to avoid the madness that surrounds the markets and shops during this period, shop online at Olivia Graham Cashmere, and.. we will not only ship, pack, Christmas wrap, we will even write the gift tag for you with your own special words!


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