How to Remove Top Christmas Foods From Your Cashmere

Stubborn food stains can't be kept at a distance. A simple Christmas family dinner can create a mosaic of stains on your favorite cashmere pieces. Since these culinary accidents can't be prevented, here are a few effective ways to remove Christmas foods from your cashmere.

General Rules to Remove Stains from Cashmere

  • The sooner, the better. Once the staining has occurred, attend to it immediately, the longer it is left, the long it has time to set it, and become more difficult to remove.
  • Remove the stain gently. Don't excessively rub or wring your cashmere.
  • Don't use hot water and never iron stains. Heat is only used to remove wax stains. 

Cashmere Removing lipstick stains

What to do When Your Lipstick Strays?

Coffee with cream, salad dressing are among the top Christmas foods that cause stains, top it off with lipstick and you're all set. When your lipstick strays the first thing you need to do is scrap what you can off the top of the garment surface, then gently rub the stain with a sponge soaked in warm water. Following this, use some liquid detergent over the stain and rinse thoroughly.

.Cashmere Removing Red Wine

Too Much Red Wine?

You should attempt to remove red wine stains with a sponge soaked in cold water. If the stain is stubborn, apply liquid detergent and rinse well with cold water.

Red wine stains can be removed by pouring white wine over the stain and then washing it with cold water, deal with red wine spillages quickly, have also been told a little soda water can work a trick, apparently the bubbles work their own magic!  (And have to confess have used this one myself a few times).

.Cashmere removing grease stains

Cashmere and Greasy Fingers Shouldn't Mix!

Grease is always present in the top Christmas foods. Greasy stains are removed by absorbent substances like baking soda. This can be sprinkled over the stains to absorb fat.

When the baking soda becomes wet, remove it by shaking or brushing your cashmere. Repeat the process until the stain becomes less visible.

For more tips visit here: Cashmere care - tips to care your cashmere.

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