Ribbed Singlets Are Back!!!


This week, boxes were hurriedly unpacked and there was an excited buzz in the air as our new ribbed singlet shades were unveiled.  No matter how much I plan a range, view and fit the samples, there is always something about opening the box and viewing the actual production for the first time!

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As many of you know our, Ribbed Back Singlet - also known our "posh thermal!" has proven it's popularity season after season, appealing to many age groups.
Younger / Sporty ladies like the singlet for it's figure hugging shape, wearing it to yoga or out hiking, being that the fibre naturally "breathes", this provides a level of comfort to the wearer as they exercise and warm up.
For those travelling, our singlet's appeal tends to be for the warmth factor, with the snug fit, this allows layering without bulk. Many woman like the singlet's lowish front neck, which allows it to be worn under a shirt (top button undone) and not be visible, a discreet essential if working in a cool environment / air conditioned office.
For those with older parents, the feedback we receive is that our singlet is appreciated for warmth, but more importantly it's incredible softness. An important issue for those experiencing sensitivity to certain fibres against their skins.
So welcome to 2016, here's to warmth, softness and colour!

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