Because You're Worth it!

Cashmere Compeition
Because You're Worth it!
(Or because someone close to you, thinks you are!)
For many this time of year is of endless rushing as we try to achieve "to do lists" as long as the Great Wall of China.
So STOP, take a couple of minutes, think of someone special, someone who may already own our product and love another piece, or someone who may not, but would appreciate the gesture of receiving cashmere at Christmas.
This is open to anyone and everyone, Cashmere Client or not yet!
I will gift 5 pieces of our ribbed back singlet and ship it free anywhere in the world with your best wishes, all you need to do visit our facebook page and tell us who this special person is, share the link, get your special person's story liked by all and sundry!
Next Sunday, we do the final count, and on Monday we ship, so the lucky five receive a little something extra this Christmas!
Terms & Conditions:
1.  Tis the season of giving, not to thyself but to another, so while you may be special, this gift giving is about telling someone else they are special, so no self selection please!
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2.  The Ribbed Back Singlet/colours offered in this gift giving are shown above, we will endeavour to give the winners their first choice of colour, but just in case have a back up shade in mind.  Oh, and know their size!  Check our online size guide, there will be no swapping and resending after shipping!

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Sarena Wilson
Sarena Wilson

January 19, 2017

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January 03, 2017

Thank you all, following facebook clicks and reading all your lovely thoughts, we ended up posting off more than five singlets all around the world including the US, Russia, Ukraine, New Zealand and of course Australia.
Feedback so far was that there have been a few very surprised and happy faces over the holidays!

Jane Cohen
Jane Cohen

December 04, 2016

The person I will nominate is my special Kiwi friend Cherise Jones. She’s a teacher, musician, dance coach, mother…heck she’s a Jill of all Trades. This is a woman that does so much for everyone else (especially her students) and who simply revels in the joy of life. If anybody embodies the type of ‘go gettum woman’ that your Cashmere products do it is my mate Cherise. She puts so many people before herself and really deserves a bit of luxury to call her own. xx

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