Cashmere Pashmina Wearer Trial!

dinner en blanc sydney 2016, cashmere pashmina


I am always talking about how warm a pashmina is on a cool summer's evening, and finally last night it was really put to the test!

Dinner en blanc, the only rule is "it must be white!" we were part of an intimate outdoor dinner party of 5000 on Cockatoo Island, as the day cooled to evening, and a breeze come in off the bay - out was whipped one wrap, and even I was surprised at how warm I became (had also packed a white sweater for emergencies - as many of you know, me and cold simply don't mix!).

So would our pashmina keep you warm in a winter blizzard? Possibly not to the degree you would like!

However, should you be attending an outdoor event on a cool summer's evening? Let's just say, this lady was very content!

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