Climate change & Cashmere


Nowadays, people experience a wide range of temperatures – whether you are travelling to work, or to another continent, from hot & steamy (on the underground at rush hour) to icy cold air-conditioned environments, such as shopping malls, offices or planes and inter-seasonal travel – think of how many are leaving sunny Australia and heading to Europe for a White Christmas in the upcoming month…

How to survive life's temperature changes...

Travelling Tips

In a recent Industry report1, it was noted that the majority of business trips included an overnight stay at another city, whereas same-day return trips ranked sixth accounting for 7.6 per cent of the total of business trips made by Aussie corporate travellers.

Business dressing blend featuring our favorite cashmere pieces
Business dressing blend featuring our favorite cashmere pieces*

So the ability to pack light and for varying needs i.e. office meetings to dinner, air-conditioning to stuffy elevators is essential. “Smart women on the go” founder Leslie Willmott comments that “You can’t beat knits for comfort and pack ability – they can be rolled successfully and wrinkle less than most woven fabrics”2.

Layer, Layer, Layer

Layers provide comfort, and can be easily added or removed depending on the surroundings you are in3.

Cashmere wool is an incredible natural technology. The structure of the fibre, which we were talking about in our previous post, is a complex solution for not only insulating but also regulating temperature. It’s naturally designed to keep goats comfortable, keeping them warm and dry in harsh winters, but also cool and comfortable in summer temperatures. As the fibres retain warmth while allowing the air exchange, this makes cashmere an ideal partner in different climates.

Light fine knits make ideal layering companions for the constant traveller, be it a silk cashmere singlet worn under their shirt for discreet warmth, or a tee / cardigan combo for a more combined look.  If climate change comes in a package with your upcoming trip, rest assured that you can still overcome the temperature changes without bringing a wardrobe on wheels. Acting naturally includes wearing natural (fibres that is!).

In the office

You don’t have to travel to another continent, the temperature change struggles happen in an office environment too!

Studies in the US show that productivity can drop off by up to 20% if the temperature is so uncomfortable it causes a distraction to the employee4. This isn’t helped by the fact that women tend to feel the cold more than men. Partly because we are less muscular, and also related to our attire, which tends to run to dresses and skirts rather than the standard man’s uniform of long sleeved shirts and pants.

Silk cashmere corporate wear: comfortable & reliable!**

Hence our secret weapon - our silk cashmere tee!  Elegantly designed to complement your professional outfit, with its curved high neckline and gently shaped cut, flattering on one’s figure. For a little something extra, combine it with one of our pashminas or a silk cashmere wrap.  Wraps can be worn as scarves, providing instant colour to a work outfit, even better, when one is cold, the wrap can be draped over the shoulders for additional warmth5.

Whether it be a winter or summer, Shanghai or Sydney – silk cashmere provides a thermal balance. Wear your silk cashmere for luxurious warmth in winter or as a super-lightweight, breathable garment in summer that will keep you cool and dry. Thus, the actual versatility makes it perfect for travel. We know what we are talking about!


  • *The first corporate wear outfit is made out of our Silk Cashmere Kimono Cardigan in Burnt Red and Silk Cashmere Striped T-Shirt in Slate shade (1 & 2). Other apparel: shoes-Gianvito Rossi; skirt-Jacques Vert (3); accessories: bag-Alexander McQueen and glasses-Vogue (4).
  • **Second blend was made using our Striped T-Shirt in Peach and 100% Cashmere Pilar Cardigan in Pecan (1 & 2). It's complemented with our Royal Navy Pashmina (3). Other apparel: trousers-Bragard; bag-Givenchy (4); shoes from Debenhams and Junghans' watch (5).

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