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Silk Cashmere Activewear Ribbed Singlet


The properties of the cashmere fibre, it’s crimp which traps air and provides insulation, along with it's incredible softness and breathability (ability to absorb moisture without feeling damp) make this fibre, very comfortable in many different climates and temperatures.  

In 2012 a *National Survey of Yoga in Australia was carried out, based on it’s respondents replies, they found the mean age of the those responding to be 41, they were educated, employed, health-conscious and 85% were female. The study also noted that many started going to yoga for health and fitness and that generally women preferred the more stretching style whereas men liked the more physical ie Bikram Yoga.

As we know, Yoga is incredibly popular, studios can be found everywhere, and yoga is generally practised all year round, regardless of the season and the studio’s heating ability… It was the lack of heating in my friends studio during winter which encouraged me to wear our silk cashmere singlets for warmth.  As time passed though, I soon realised even in summer, that they were comfortable to wear.


Silk Cashmere Singlet Olivia Graham Cashmere


Clients returning from travels have regaled us with all sorts of positive commentary from tales about Safaris in Africa, to the more energetic trekking of the Appian Way in Europe. (The latter particularly tested our product, as you pack very light, wear each garment repeatedly, and wash infrequently!)

Over the past four years, (yes we do listen!)  We have adapted our singlet design, widening the shoulders to cover bra straps and always keeping the ribbed back panel – we know women are all different shapes and sizes, and that just sometimes a little extra stretch is appreciated!



Silk Cashmere Singlet Olivia Graham Cashmere


For this season we have gone a little daring, adding a stripe detail on the hem, in soft shades of Peach, Sea complimented by stronger tones of Teal and Slate (no it isn't black!) you know my thoughts on black... the best of our knowledge, we are the only Cashmere Label worldwide offering every year, a ribbed back singlet in silk cashmere, so thank you for supporting us, and for loving this singlet!


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Nina soelel
Nina soelel

February 22, 2017

What a fantastic blog ! very informative site.

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