Cashmere Corporate Attire

What are you wearing to work this week?


Silk Cashmere Corporate Wear T-shirt

Silk Cashmere Corporate wear? Oh yes! We know many of you wear our silk cashmere pieces to work, now it is time to share the love!
Why Silk & Cashmere?
Simply put our tees breathe. The cashmere component provides a degree of warmth and comfort in air conditioned office environments. While when heading out for lunch or coffee with the girls, the silk factor kicks in, keeping you cool.
We created this garment using a blend of 70% Silk and 30% Cashmere, knitted in a superfine 2/60s yarn for a lightweight garment. This style is gently cut, and had a soft and flattering shape, and yes we listened, you have your higher neckline as promised, well for this season anyway!
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