What Colour is that?!

Garment colours online on various devices
Often we receive comments about our online images, how the colour appears different to our products in store.  As much as it is frustrating for you, it is even more so for our staff, who  have to create and correct shades every season when the new range arrives.  
And...each season there is one colour that really gives us a hard time, this season it is "Sea"  this is a beautiful blend of green and blue softened with a hint of grey, it really does remind us of a tropical ocean on a cloudy day.   
Finally after hours of testing, and endless amounts of patience from the team, Sea was approved - and uploaded online for the world to see, all was good...  
Until today...a quick glance at our online store - on my mobile, and what did I see but the bright green shade of Sea - that was most certainly not ours!  
A quick check on the laptop confirmed that the correct images had been uploaded, and looked good, so for those who do wonder, after looking at the same products on two different mediums - I would be inclined say, go the laptop!

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