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Known as one of nature's finest fibre, Cashmere provides warmth, and comfort, in-particular with natural fibres, it is known for it's ability to “breathe”, which is the focus of today’s article, a very useful attribute when one is trekking along the Apian way in Spain, or in the middle of a yoga class!


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Cashmere fibre insulates and breaths. These properties are thanks to it's construction.  Like wool, cashmere fibres have a hollow membrane (medulla) which is made of microfibres strands, enables the fibre to trap insulative air, as well as absorb moisture.

While the outer layer of the fibre repels water, (remember cashmere goats do live outdoors and endure Mongolian Winters), and with the inner layer absorbing moisture, in everyday active-wear terms this means water vapour from a sweating body gets absorbed into the inner core of the cashmere fibre, leaving a garment fabric that feels comfortably dry despite containing a significant amount of water/moisture.

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Being also a natural fibre, again with a protein structure, silk is also highly absorbent and dries quickly. Is quite robust despite it's delicate appearance, and is known for it's ability to resist odor. As well documented, not only the Chinese, but Ancient Romans have enjoyed the comfort and softness of silk for thousands of years, and we know very well that in those days there was no air conditioning in the summer, thus for those who could afford it light fine silks served them well when made into garments.


Cashmere and silk are very elastic, they can be folded, easily pack with very little or no creasing, (ideal when travelling).  As well, quality  made garments knitted in these fibres are known to retain their shape after washing and wearing, (as many testify, including myself) owning garments that themselves are more than 2 decades old and still going strong!

These properties of natural stretch, elasticity, moisture absorbtion and breathability are lovingly blended in our silk cashmere singlets.  This singlet utilises the best of the fibres natural properties, the Cashmere providing warmth to your body muscles as you warm and loosen up, then, as your body warms up the silk cashmere breathability factor kicks in by absorbing moisture to keep you feeling comfortable.





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