Washing Wool Blankets!


Washing Wool Blankets, Washing Wool Throws

 Yes, that is right!  You can wash our Merino Wool Blankets in your machine on a Wool Wash Cycle.
Now before you get carried away - the machine we have tested, is a front loader machine, with a very gentle
"Wool Cycle" and we wash at a temperature of no more than 30 degrees.  
So if you have a top loader, unless you know it well, and use it regularly for your delicate wool / cashmere items,
may we suggest find a friend with a front loader and popping over for a cup of tea and a blanket wash! 
We know our pets love sleeping on our blankets, so here is some aftercare advice in-case their little claws
create accidently pull a thread on your blanket, it is easily fixed, so relax and read our quick guide to
fixing snags and pulls below...
Repairing your blanket
Forget worrying.   It will happen the moment you leave the room, your beloved blanket will be claimed
by all members of the family to snuggle on!
A classic snag - thanks Anna!
Take a large darning needle, first gently easy it through the loops (stitches) of the blanket, (pick the area
with the same stitch colour as the snagged thread of course!).   Following that, partially thread the
snagged thread through the eye of the needle.
Gently slide the threaded needle along/through the selected loops/stitches, at the end give a little pull
so that the needle comes out.  Finally give the blanket a soft tug so that the end of the snagged thread
is absorbed into the blanket structure.
All done!


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